UCANBE Shine Eyeshadow Kit

  • $9.48

Product Features : 
  • It's perfect for achieving a spectrum of radiantformulated with Double Dimension Technology. You can see different color in different angle and different light. Its easy to create holographic makeup.
  • Can also be superimposed on other eye shadow, lipstick, your matte eyeshadow or matte lipstick instantly become pearlescent texture.
  • It is a multifunctional cosmetic palette, which can use alone, as eye shadow and face highlight, and even can be superimposed on Nail Polish.
  • As a super-shimmery highlight. Simply apply on prepped skin in the places you'd like to strobe for otherworldly iridescence.
  • The groundbreaking formula is packed with 360° refracting pearls, dipped in a prismatic coating, to deliver twice the light play for multiple colors and unexpected effects from every angle.

1. Used alone, as a high light, eye shadow, etc., or apply it to your body

2. Use with other cosmetics. Superimposed on your high light, eye shadow, lipstick or nail polish above, you will see the surprise

3. use your imagination, mix your any make-up, and use it to create your own unique makeup

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