Carol Cole, the creator of NuFACE, began her career more than 30 years ago as an esthetician at the famed Golden Door Spa in Southern California, where she specialized in microcurrent facials.

Understanding her client’s desires for a non-invasive, at-home, easy-to-use, anti-aging solution, Carol sought to develop a handheld device that would utilize microcurrent technology for women who wanted to take anti-aging into their own hands. With the help of daughters, Tera and Kimberly, Carol launched the first NuFACE device in 2005 with overwhelming success.

NuFACE is a women-owned company focused on transforming the way women approach skin care treatments. NuFACE develops non-invasive, cost effective, at-home anti-aging devices that are FDA-cleared. NuFACE products are made in the USA with quality and innovation as our guide.



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