Sexy Velvety Matte Lips

  • $2.56

Sexy Velvety Matte Lips


  • Long-lasting/ Kissproof/ Waterproof;

  • Velvet Matte, Highly saturated, Highly pigmented, Easy to wear.


  • Package Weight: 27g

  • Size: 12cm*2.1cm*2.1cm

  • Net weight:  8ml

How to use:

  • Depending upon how it's applied,

  • this versatile formula goes from providing full coverage to creating a stained lip.


  • 1. Please be kindly informed that colors of the item you receive might be slightly different from pictures on the item page.

  • 2. Please kindly understand that pictures are only for your reference and we should make the color of the actual product as standard.

  • 3. Please do not for purposes other than makeup.

  • 4. Keep out of the reach of kids.

Package Content:

  • 1  X     Lip Gloss  ( Packing random including star adornment )

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