Founded in 2010 by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore, GLAMGLOW® has been a favorite beauty secret amid the entertainment industry for years. Originally sold exclusively for behind-the-scenes entertainment, music and fashion award industries, GLAMGLOW® gained popularity with women around the world after its 2011 retail launch.

After realizing with the help from some of their actor friends, that there was no easy-to-use, immediately effective product on the market for instant camera-ready skin, the Dellimores (after much research) started formulating a product in their own home. Shortly, after a few samples were tried by their friends, executives from major studios and other A list actors were requesting more of the no-name product.

A year later, this no-name, plainly packaged “miracle mud” was being used on sets all over Hollywood. Eventually, the V.P. of a major luxury retailer contacted the couple to express interest in retailing their mud, and this was the birth of GLAMGLOW™.