Diorskin Airbrush Spray Foundation

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A go-to solution for professional makeup artists that brings an airbrushed effect to your makeup routine.

Its lightweight, silky formula gives you a flawless, velvety, super-smooth and even finish that feels like a second skin. It's infused with fresh, natural oils that evaporate as soon as they land, allowing the foundation to settle in and stay put all day with no visible texture.

How to use: For a natural, even finish, spray directly onto your face from a distance of eight inches. For a more targeted application, spray the foundation into your hand then apply to your face in touches, gently tapping on areas that require more coverage. Be sure to shake the product vigorously for five seconds before each use. When applying directly to the face, hold the bottle the full recommended distance from your face and shield hair and clothing if necessary. When spraying into the palm of your hand, hold the bottle from a distance of four inches.

  • 2.3 oz.
  • Paraben-free


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